Titles on Healing, Personal and Professional Growth and Spirituality


All of the titles listed below are available through Amazon for purchase by clicking on the link. You can also contact me here at the Human Touch and sign them out from my extensive lending library. 


  Change Your Brain,Change your Body, Dr. Daniel Amen

    A very interesting book on the intimate connections between the brain and the body.




  The Language of Emotions , Karla McLaren

 What your feeling a trying to tell you.  

I have read many books on Emotion and this new one tops my list.


    0553380990     Radical Acceptance by Tara Brach

Embracing Your Life with the Heart of the Buddha

The best book I have read this Year! 




  Mindsight , by Dr. Daniel Siegel

The New Science of Personal Transformation.



  Emotional Intelligence by Daniel Goleman