My Approach To Treatment
Healing As Process .......





The Human Touch 3-Dimensional Therapeutic Massage Process is clinically grounded, client centered and process oriented.  This approach to healing , rehabilitation and Somatic education is informed by and  birted over 21 years of clinical practice, on-going education passion and provilege working in my chosen profession.


In Reality.....

Far too often individuals who suffer from severe soft tissue injuries as a result of trauma are overwhelmed on many levels of their lives. All they consider normal and routine is often thrown into chaos. Tremendous energies are needed physically, emotionally, intellectually, energetically and financially as they enter into a process of recovery and rehabilitation. When these individuals are educated, in how what they are experiencing in the face of their trauma is normal, healing is possible and the healing journey begins. Soft Tissue Trauma to the body needs body oriented and education interventions. This is where the Three Dimensional  Massage Therapy and Somatic Education Process can truly help.

  It is important to understand that when rehabilitating trauma induced injured soft tissue it is clinically important that certain steps be followed and a proper order of rehabilitation steps established to insure the long term sustainable recovery.


The Stages of Rehabilitation:

  1. Eliminate spasms and hyper-contraction in the tissues. (Neuromuscular therapy), making certain all the muscles related to the dysfunction are 3 dimensionally assessed and treated.
  2. De-activate active pain referring trigger points.
  3. Restore proper biomechanics (gait repatterning and movement exercises)
  4. Restore flexibility to the tissues (stretching)
  5. Rebuild the  strength of injured tissues (weight training)
  6. Rebuild endurance (aerobic exercises)
  7. Educate the client on all of these interventions and give home care protocols that enhance the rehabilitation process.

I have seen in my 20 years of clinical practice that if rehabilitation is attempted, without following this order, re-injury and setbacks usually occur, If for example an injured person attempts weight training before the hyper contraction has been properly eliminated from the tissues, the result is usually that the tissues will re-spasm and the old pain patterns will return

Attention given by the therapist to the condition of muscles, tendons, ligaments, connective tissue, in combination with nervous system responses to manipulation are important in all therapy processes. The client’s verbal and non verbal responses to the hands on manipulation are also critical to positive therapeutic outcomes.  It is for these reasons that I see the greatest change and healing when this process is carried out in specific phases of treatment and rehabilitation. The Three Dimensional Massage Therapy and Somatic Education process, carried out in this manner, minimizes the possibility of re injury and increases positive therapeutic outcomes preventing the nervous system remaining  stuck in a hyper vigilant status.



Somatic Education:

Somatic education is not a technique; it is a way of operating that relies on your awareness, desire, and ability to become more mindful, more self-determining and more self compassionate. "Somatic" refers to your ability to sense the processes going on "within" you. "Education" means increasing your ability to function. This approach to mind/body integration improves your natural control of your body’s muscular system, reduces stress, and gives you more energy by improving your physiological functioning. In many cases, somatic education can eliminate chronic pain and improve physical performance.




Initial Assessment and Therapeutic MassageTreatment:    

Your first visit to the Human Touch clinic will be for your initial assessment, history taking, hands on assessment and treatment. This is an important first step in your rehabilitation and healing. This information gathering session allows me your therapist, with you, to determine if massage therapy is the appropriate rehabilitation modality for you.  From this informed position I then design a treatment plan and make recommendations and together we decide how you want to move forward towards rehabilitation and healing.

You will receive one Therapeutic massage therapy session at a time in a phase oriented rehabilitation process.     Over time, as we work together, your pain and suffering diminish as you experience greater flexibility, pain free movement and have more self care understanding and practices in place.

 The three dimensional massage therapy process works when commitment to the process is in place. There are no quick fixes in life; this is how it should be, as the body has the innate ability to heal from the inside out. Self awareness, bodymind awareness and full participation in the process are the foundations of healing and bodymind integration.

Therapeutic Massage therapy and bodymind awareness education bring together the best of both worlds. When you know how the mind informs the body and the body informs the mind, your world opens up to self care practices that truly help.  This is the difference between healing and curing. This is the way in which complementary hands on therapies and body awareness education can both support you in your rehabilitation and also support and enhance the medical model of allopathic intervention. This is compassion and knowledge in action. Mindfulness knows that process is healing work. As your massage therapist this work is my passion and to share it in action with you is privileged work.