Hakomi Bodywork
Hakomi Therapy is "Assisted Self Study in the Organization of Experience"


Hakomi Body oriented therapy is "Assisted Self Study in the Organization of Experience" done in mindfulness  in the present moment.

It's about noticing what arises inside, without judgement, this is the essence of the Hakomi method. Hakomi is a journey of assisted self discovery , a journey through mindfulness to remembering wholeness. The Hakomi method as developed by Ron Kurtz draws from the vast world of science, spirituality and psychotherapy , yet the practice remains simple. Look within,  Learn from yourself, Accept all your many parts, as they are, Be guided by your inner wisdom in all it's many expressions and Allow any change to occur naturally from the inside out.

Sometimes we feel trapped in cycles of unnecessary suffering , and need a compassionate guide to help us along the way.  With the help of a trained Hakomi therapist or practitioner we develop the practice of Mindfulness. This is an open way of watching ourselves, of witnessing  whatever happens . We start by paying attention to present experience , as it is , in the body now.  

We want  to learn about your implicit  beliefs and how your organize your life around them. We see how beliefs create the automatic behavior  patterns that form the fabric of life.  Our intention is to create an experience of greater freedom  of choice and relief from unnecessary suffering, through the ever deepening and knowing oneself.

The methods we use are gentle, experiential, often playful and always revealing. Nothing is imposed, we avoid analysis and allow meaning to arise from within. To notice what arises inside, without judgement  is the essence of Hakomi and a pathway to deep and abiding healing.  

Donna Martin, M.A. International Hakomi Trainer.