Change Your Water! Change Your Life!

Imagine owning a Kangen SD501 Water Generator and knowing the investment  is coming back to you in  health and wellness benefits that will amaze you!    Perhaps you would like to generate additional income & pay for your machine by becoming a sales representaive for this incredible company and its water technology!  

Kangen Alkalized Ionized Antioxidant rich Water can improve and sustain your health and the health of your loved ones each and every day right in your own home!  And replace the bottled water and tap water you are currently drinking assuming it was good for you only to find out that this is not always the case.


This spectacular Home Based Water Technology is new to North America and Europe but has been used in t hospitals in Japan for the past 37 years!  It is considered a medical device in Japan and is approved by the Water Ministry of Japan as well as the prestigious group of 1000’s of physicians that make up the Preventive Medical Association in Japan. 

Distribution rights are now in Canada, USA, England, France, Switzerland and Germany, Philippines, Korea, An additional 23 countries are coming on board in the next couple of years.


 Many who know about or who were interested in learning about the health benefits of the pH (possible hydrogen) / acid/alkaline balance in the human body have purchased this machine.  In doing so they have joined my team and are helping us spread the word!  The result will be healthier individuals, families, institutions, communities, countries and environments.  This represents the highest preventive medicine action potential for health and wellness.


This amazing Kangen (return to origin) water is called the miracle water in Japan. Japan is  the only country recognized by the World Health Organization as the world experts on Water and this water’s medical uses in Preventivemedicine and Traditional Medical circles in Japan are  producing some amazing health benefits to thousands of patients and all persons who are currently drinking this amazing water everyday right in their own home.


I have been drinking this water since I invested in this technology and I am feeling the benefits every day as I experience more energy, more normalized blood pressure, bowel function and I have lost 25 pounds.

 I am washing my food with this water and removing the pesticides and containments before preparation and consumption and cleaning my home without the use of chemical cleaners.


 To find out more about this incredible Kangen water generator and its many uses please visit the following websites and look at the videos and educational information.

 Call: 1-512-505-6833 and listen to an audio information session about 5 minutes in duration.

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