Healing, Rehabilitation and Education  Services

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  • Three Dimensional Therapeutic Massage 
  • Somatic Education 
  • ML830 Cold Laser Therapy
  • Hakomi  Bodywork
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  Areas of Specialization:
  • Soft Tissue Injuries related to many specific conditions   more info
  • Chronic Pain Management  
  • Physical/Emotional Stress Management




The process of  the restoration of skills by a person who has had an illness or injury so as to regain maximum self-sufficiency and function in a normal or as near normal manner as possible.



 Healing is associated with themes of wholeness, narrative, and spirituality. Healing is an intensely personal, subjective experience involving a reconciliation of the meaning an individual ascribes to distressing events with his or her perception of wholeness as a person. Healing may be operationally  defined as the personal experience of transcendence of suffering.


Soft Tissue:

As a Massage Therapist my specialty  is in the treatment of injury and dysfunction to the soft tissue of the body. Soft tissues of the body include muscle, tendon, ligament, connective tissue and skin.  Injury to these tissues are the result of direct  trauma, falls, postural imbalances, and disease. Because muscles connect to the joints and connective tissue they service, injury disables full pain free range of motion at the joint.   
Somatic Education:
Somatic education is a way of operating that relies on your awareness, desire, and ability to become more self-determining. "Somatic" refers to your ability to sense the processes going on "within" you. "Education" means increasing your ability to function.

This approach to mind/body integration improves your natural control of your body’s muscular system, reduces stress, and gives you more energy by improving your physiological functioning. In many cases, somatic education can eliminate chronic pain and improve physical performance.


Additional Wellness Opportunities:

  • Hakomi Bodywork - "Assisted Self Discovery in the Organization of Experience"    more info
  • Biomat - Far-Infra Red-Negative Ion Treatments to decrease pain and diminish stress. more info